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I'm here to help you get to the other side of your divorce and thrive! 

I want to support you, because I've been there, and I know how hard it can be. 
That's why I created The I Do CrewAn exclusive community for women who get it.


I Do Crew membership is a safe and supportive space - created to empower women through separation, divorce and beyond.

There are so many women facing the challenge of separation and divorce. Do you know someone who is? This transition can be a very lonely and isolating time.

My purpose is to empower women moving through this time and thrive on the other side! The power of connection is here to share.

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All the support and tools you need to build a future you love.

I do Crew is an exclusive community of like-minded, supportive women who get it.

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Supportive Community

Access to our private I Do Crew facebook Community where you can network with like-minded supportive women.

The I Do Crew Resource Directory

A comprehensive, practical guide to empowered separation and Divorce.

'Ask Tam' —
Question Sessions

Weekly LIVE video calls with Tam & special guests (recorded if you can't make it).


Exclusive Early Content Access

To the I Am Tam Podcast and access to new blog posts before anyone else!


First Access for Retreats & Events

You'll be the first to know about our in-person I Do Crew retreats, special events & announcements.

And loads of other invaluable 

Including:  Introductions & referrals to Tam's Little Black Book of 'I Do Crew' professionals — to help you transition 
empowered and thriving!

Why do it alone when you don't have to. 

Let's do this thing together - JOIN NOW x

"You know when you meet someone and they just kind of get you? That is Tam. Tam helped me rediscover my sense of self, that ‘me’ who had been lost. I transformed myself into a centred, self- aware and self-care focused woman again. "    

— Tess

“Tam’s is inspiring, motivational and fun! You won’t regret taking this time for yourself.”

— Kate


Unhappy Marriages. Single Mum Life. Groundhog day. Loneliness. Gin.


Tune in each week to hear Tam and her guests share their stories of struggle and success.

This podcast is for the ladies wanting a no BS honest conversation about women, for women.



I Do Crew Membership is your secret weapon to creating a future you love. 

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